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Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray For Women Hilarious Reviews

Ivanka Trump’s perfume is a must for her supporters. She has a business mind like her father, but her business seems take the same fate as well. Check out these hilarious reviewers from Amazon.



These are real reviews from Amazon. You can check out her perfume by click the photo.

“As a Christian woman, I need something I can spray on unwanted foreigners, stinking poor slobs from other countries who don’t deserve the right to be American. I need a deterrent that can keep me and my kids safe from uneducated baggers and low level people at the grocery store when I need to buy groceries because the maid didn’t prioritize her time and get off her ass.
Strong christians like my husband and I are being killed left and right here in our own country. Now there are more muslims in America than whites. Christianity will probably go extinct if we don’t start fighting back. That’s why I love trump products. Because they represent Christian values like pushing outsiders out of our country and getting rid of the poor people that are getting rich from welfare checks. This perfume makes me proud to be American” – REVIEWER


“Too sweet, made me sneeze and my throat close up” – REVIEWER


“It smells like it was made in China!! I smell egg rolls and poison.” -REVIEWER


“Gave me a rash! After a few days of using it, I developed hives all over my chest and neck. I’ve been trying to contact someone for a refund, but so far no luck. Bought it because it has a lot of good reviews, but at this point I think they’re just crazy fans that never actually bought it. The smell is okay…” REVIEWER


“Received as gift. Old lady scent. Not something I would ever wear!!” REVIEWER


“actually, the old maxi perfume smelled a helluva lot better than this garbage. what the hell did I pay for…. toilet water. it didn’t last worth a crap, and with all the trump hype, I should have just thrown it in the toilet where all the trump crap belongs. who the hell dreams up this crap… Freddie Krueger.” REVIEWER


“Would give it zero if possible. Smells like death.”REVIEWER


“It has that peculiar smell like arrogance.”REVIEWER

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